reading hunt saboteurs

it makes no sense at all, i saw red (31st january 2006). well it's a funny old season. there are hunts that have turned to the drag and are having lots of fun not killing; there are hunts that drag only on a saturday; and then there are hunts that have ignored the law and go on killing illegally with the blessing of the police. no surprise there. so we've been out and active, either covertly or overtly at the following hunts: the hampshire, the surrey union, the vale of aylesbury, garth and south berks, the vine and craven, the eton college beagles, the sandhurst beagles, the avon vale...the list goes on, and will continue to do so. we'll be out in landrovers, in cars, on bikes, running around fields, filming from coverts and using undercover cameras until this law is listening, lawbreakers? WE ARE THE LAW!


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reading hunt sabs - happily sponsoring sweetmasala vegetarian deli

we are the law...